Please use the jpeg number found on your online site. You can find this number underneath your image when it's viewed larger. We only need the info before the ".jpg" For example, JGHM0874 or MBLA0291. You will be charged for additional cards beyond your contracted amount. Thank you card orders may be submitted at any time. Orders are subject to shipping charges if you are requesting it be sent to your address. All balances and shipping charges must be paid before your order is shipped. Please expect 2-4 week for completion of your order.

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Post Card Thank You Cards
Postcards may be designed with 1-3 photos. (Includes envelopes)
  1. Write the jpeg number of the proof that you would like to appear as your main (larger) photo on the line labeled "Main Photo." List the other jpeg numbers in the space provided.
  2. The design will be emailed to you for approval. Written approval is required before the cards are printed.
  3. You may be charged if redesign time takes more than 1 hour.
Note: It is best to choose photos that were taken closer up for the 2 smaller photos. We recommend that you do not choose any bridal party or group shots.

JPG # (Main Photo):
Thank you text (18 words or less):
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Linen Thank You Cards
Linen cards can include up to 3 images and come with envelopes. Images for Linen cards must be the same orientation. Your proof will be e-mailed to you and written approval is required before the cards are printed.
Inside text (25 words or less):
Total # of cards: