Photographer Bios

Welcome to our team of photographers! Each photographer is dedicated to capturing your day in a creative and photojournalistic style. Our passionate team will not only produce beautiful imagery, but will strive for new and innovating ideas to make your wedding day unique and stand out from the rest.


Nelson Pinheiro is the co-founder of Milton Gil Photographers. He assisted in establishing our business and has become a valuable creative partner. Nelson brings an uncompromising creative and technical eye to wedding photography. He oversees quality, color management and album design as well as bringing a new level of creativity not only to photographing weddings, but preserving their memories.

He is also a WPPI Award Winning Photographer and has had his work published in several magazines.


One of Tom's favorite quotes is, "I have the great privilege of being both witness and storyteller. Intimacy, trust and intuition guide my work." ~Jim Goldberg.

Tom believes the best images come from the natural moments that happen in real life. His intent is to document the reality of a wedding day. He loves the laughter, tears, and all the emotions that a wedding day has to offer. Tom loves that its his job to preserve these moments.

Tom's passion for wedding photography came on the day of his brother's wedding. He was the best man and had his camera on him 100% of the day, shooting all candids. This is how Tom found his journalistic approach to weddings. He had such a great time that he knew right then and there that this was the direction he wanted to pursue in photography.


Born and raised on the Jersey Shore, Andrew, a.k.a. Herch, has always been enamored with the ocean and all things art and photography. From an early age, he was either starring down the barrel of a wave or that of a camera lens. His creative vision has not only enabled him to travel around the world to capture the unimaginable through his camera, but fortunately, it has empowered him to pursue a lifelong career in photography, specifically weddings.

Being surrounded by so much love and happiness on a couple's wedding day is extremely momentous and Andrew is beyond ecstatic to be a part of such a life changing occasion.

Together, Andrew and his couples can capture a moment truly worth 1,000 words, and that is priceless.


More then a career, photography is his passion. Making the decision to pursue a life-long love of photography professionally, Jose left a highly successful career in sales.Today, Jose combines his artistic eye with his strong attention to detail to create breathtaking images that are both playful and elegant. He believes each photograph should be alive with energy and emotion, he works with a freestyle approach that artfully blends traditional and photojournalistic elements.

He has worked hard to develop the technical skills it requires to take consistently strong photographs. His warm and charming personality makes him a joy to work with.


Louis grant has spent the past several years as a wedding photographer for Milton Gil Photographers. After receiving a fine art degree from Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University with a concentration in photography, Louis went on to work as a photographer, album designer and a printer. As a wedding photographer, his passion for his art and his strong work ethic are exemplified in his unique ability to see and create unforgettable images.

LouisÂ’'s calm demeanor and sense of humor on wedding photo shoots allow each couple to feel at ease and enjoy what he believes is the most important day of their lives.


Jesse started documenting life behind the lens from a very early age with her first 35mm camera. It wasnt until she captured her first wedding did she realize she was in love with the entire concept of a wedding day,
from the details to the vows. Every part of the day holds its own special sentiment just waiting to be caught on film.

A true romantic at heart, she has a passion for love & people, and can translate that passion into beautiful images from your wedding day.
It takes months to plan the perfect wedding, and only a few seconds to capture a single image that touches your heart.


Jen Marvel has been telling stories through many mediums of art since she was seven years old. As a child, Jen could be found following friends around with her camera but truly fell in love with photography when travelling alone and visually documenting the people, places and food she encountered on her journeys.

Since then, she has been fascinated by the human condition and possesses a strong desire to move people with the photographs she takes. A proud day-dreamer and explorer, Jen loves watching the world, pulling elements out of our daily surroundings, and mixing them with your unique personality to create a visionary story that tugs at the heart and soul.


Steve has spent the past several years as a wedding photographer and is a graduate of Montclair State University completing a degree in photography. While at Montclair State, Steve interned as a digital photo technician and printer for renowned photojournalist Ed Kashi.

Steve also worked as a pre-press photo technician and photo editor at The Newark Star-Ledger, a position he held for the next 6 years. Steve's extensive background in photojournalism and passion for photography helps him create timeless and natural photographs.